21 Mar

  • By laurahersey

As part of our history and geography topic work, Year 3 visited the Harrogate pump museum to attend an Ancient Egypt workshop. Through the day they handled 4,000 year old artefacts, completed quizzes around the museum, acted as archaeologists cataloguing artefacts, created shabtis as well as performing a mummification!!


My favourite part was the artefacts and the amulet, nice and smooth and blue. Also the mini mummies and the god Hapi, the monkey and the canopic jar with the stomach and the story of the tall, tall, tall pharaoh. It’s amazing that pharaohs can be wrapped 7 times! Carling


I enjoyed the mummification and would like to do that again if we came for another school trip. Riona


I enjoyed building with the clay because it was creative. Todd


You helped me learn a lot about the Egyptians. I looked up on the Internet at home so I could make a poster about mummies. Austin


I enjoyed the trail around the museum because it was interesting. Rilla