09 Feb

  • By laurahersey

Self-Directed Learning

Pupils in Year 6T have created non-fiction book art books linked to their study of ‘Anglo-Saxons & Vikings’. They worked independently to choose areas of study, select materials from the school and class libraries/resource bank and access the classroom computers to search websites for relevant information. Notes were made, taking care not to plagiarise by copying from published texts, illustrations completed and the pages of the book art planned in detail. Once a first draft was complete, this was edited by pupils, peer checked and then double-checked. Taking care to present work beautifully, the writing was copied into the book art books. Book Art is created from one sheet of paper, folded and crafted into unique designs, either cards or books, often with pop-ups and flaps. Here, we have created a book with flaps, which can be folded in several ways, one of which enables the book to stand up and be displayed.

We hope you enjoy them!