Safeguarding Policy

Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy June 2017

Complaints Procedure


Inspection Report


Learning Support – SEND Local offer


Admissions Policy

Admissions policy 2016


Provision of laptops for examinations

The criteria Focus School York Campus uses to award and allocate word processors for examinations

The provision of laptops for an examination and ‘normal way of working’

‘Normal way of working’ in a Focus school and policy in this school as directed by the head of centre, is work produced in a handwritten format. The exception to this will be any student on the SEN register or one who has specific access arrangements in place.

As many exam laptops as are needed by qualifying students are requested from the IT department at head office by filling in a request online. These are then sent out to the school on loan to the school for the duration of the exam session.

Focus School York Campus’ printing arrangements for candidates using word processors in examinations

After an exam has finished, the following arrangements are in place for printing the word-processed work of a candidate.

  • Where a printer is provided in the exam room, the candidate will remain under supervision until his/her typed script has been printed out and collected by the invigilator
  • Where a printer is not provided in the exam room, the invigilator will collect the candidate’s memory stick and other exam materials and escort the candidate under supervision to the printing area
  • On completion of printing, the typed script will be presented to the candidate for verification purposes
  • The candidate will then be dismissed from supervision (unless he/she is subject to clash supervision arrangements)

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