We are committed to enable each student to learn, progress and develop full potential academically, socially and personally.  We support all levels of ability.


The School has a commitment to ensure early identification of special educational needs and early intervention. Identification is by accredited screening, diagnostic tests and professional observation.  Intervention is by an Individual Learning Plan in accordance with a nationally approved policy document and includes setting appropriate targets, providing appropriate support to students, developing staff professionally, evaluating outcomes and maintaining consistent records. Referral to medical practitioners or specialists may be indicated.

Types of Needs

A Special Educational Need is where a student experiences difficulties in any subject and may have a disability making it unreasonably demanding for him/her to use some of the normal educational facilities available. Included in this category are hearing, visual, intellectual and physical impairments, Autistic Spectrum Disorder and Social Emotional Disorder.  In addition, those students who show particular talent or aptitude will also require support to achieve their full potential.

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